Twin Cities Healthcare Leadership Exchange

October 3, 2019 | 3:30 – 7:30pm

Register NowAs healthcare leaders, we are faced with more challenges than ever before. True solutions require a shift in thought and practice. This is only possible when we come together, across systems, to collaboratively determine the best practices and innovative thinking necessary to advance our industry and truly reshape patient care and safety. Participation in these programs is the beginning of the active change we seek.



Governing Board Chair

Governing Board Members

John Kvasnicka, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Fairview Health Services

Sheila Delaney Moroney, Patient Experience Officer, Hennepin County Medical Center






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The Governing Board is reviewing nominated sponsors and selecting the industry-leading partners that they will be inviting to participate. For sponsorship inquiries, please email Graham Keavney at

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Dinner Sponsors





BioFire Diagnostics




White Paper

With more than 25 years of molecular experience, BioFire Diagnostics, LLC sets the standard for molecular diagnostics through its pioneering advances in syndromic infectious disease testing.As BioMérieux’s Global Center of Excellence for Molecular Diagnostics, no other company has FDA-cleared and CE-IVD marked assays for more pathogens. BioFire Diagnostics has produced the easiest, fastest and most comprehensive multiplex PCR system available: the FilmArray.

The FilmArray System from BioFire is the new standard for syndromic infectious disease diagnostics. Simple, fast and comprehensive, the FilmArray delivers accurate results in about an hour. The right test, the first time can impact all areas of patient care. Healthcare providers can see faster diagnoses and improved antibiotic stewardship. Labs can see improved efficiency and reduced costs and downstream testing.

Clarify Health

Our Story
We are a passionate group of professionals dedicated to making healthcare better. As a result of working with hundreds of health systems, hospitals, and payers, our founding team understood the need for a comprehensive digital solution to optimize care. Everywhere we looked, healthcare delivery seemed stuck several decades behind other industries.

We are proud to work alongside a diverse group of colleagues who bring together unique perspectives from both inside and outside the healthcare industry. We have the right skill set to develop digital solutions for improving care processes. We have a deep understanding of healthcare and hospital operations, top-quality enterprise software engineering, and successful cultural change experience.










White Paper

Qventus is a system of action for optimizing patient flow. Over 70 leading hospitals and health systems, including Mercy, Fairview, and New York Presbyterian, are using Qventus to unlock $10M+ in annual financial benefits — by decreasing LOS, reducing excess days, increasing patient volumes, and more.Qventus uses machine learning to predict potential problems before they occur. It then drives immediate action, recommending the highest priority activities to frontline staff, automating key steps whenever possible, and simplifying coordination among interdisciplinary teams.

Qventus is also a true partner, with a team of experts in data science, healthtech deployments, and change management.

Qventus. Simplifying how healthcare operates.








Venue and Location

Five Events Center

2917 Bryant Ave S.

Minneapolis, MN 5540












Dinner Contact

Please contact Graham any information or sponsorship needs.

Graham Keavney


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